2018 Nguon Festival: Bamoun art and craft seduce visitors 

The visit to the art and craft centre at the entrance of the Foumban palace is one of the innovations of the 2018 Nguon Festival.

Visitors were introduced to the Bamoun Kingdom’s art, history and culture through the beautiful collections.

At the art and craft exhibition stands, wooden/bronze carvings,  masks, African beats and traditional regalia are exhibited.

Many guests of the festival left the exhibition site with purchased souvenirs of the beautiful art works.

Eyves Maissan one of the many tourists admires the originality of the relics.

“I’m amazed at the different art works on the stands. I got a bronze horse. The sculptors maintain a keen eye on the details and the finishing is absolutely beautiful.”

Due to their expertise admired by the quests, the art dealers get an opportunity to do good business during this period.

“We are usually very excited when the Nguon Festival comes because of the thousands of visitors.  It’s just Day 5 of the festival but I have already made more than a month’s sales compared to the regular period.”

The art and craft centre at the 2018 Nguon Festival also harbours exhitors from other parts of the country.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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