2018 Nguon Festival: Day-5 dedicated to restore the Bamoun women’s dignity

For the first time, organisers of the Nguon Festival, set aside a day in honour of the Bamoun woman.

2018 Nguon Festival

Thursday 6th December 2018 the Festival was on Day-5, activites were essentially queared at projecting women as essential force in the community.

A special caravan of Bamoun women drove pass major road junctions to the courtyard of the sultan’s palace.

All former Miss Nguon, women associations of the diaspora and other predominant female members of the community were part of the caravan.

2018 Nguon Festival

At the Palais de Balafon, the women, dressed in the official fabric of the 2018 Nguon received warm applause from the King, Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya during the parade.

The women bearing gifts, followed the Sultan to his palace at the end of the parade.

Women’s Day of the Nguon festival ended with sporting activities at the Foumban municipal stadium.

A football match pitting two female teams, Gbèkumbù and Nyenkit-Nyèn was fielded in the presence of the national captain of the Indomitable Lionesses Nchout Ajara Njoya.


 Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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