Public Health: Dr Ngounou Guy Merlin presents a groundbreaking device to detect deafness

An ear screening device, ‘Son’Or’ has been invented in Cameroon.Dr. Ngounou Guy Merlin is the inventor of the groundbreaking device that screens children from 0-2 years for deafness.

Son’Or has  comes in two sizes .
The smaller device rapidly detects the presence of Auto Acoustic Emissions in two minutes.

The bigger version detects an in-depth Audio-Brain Response in 10-30 minutes.

The invention is the result of a PhD project, sponsored by Societe Generale de surveillance (SGS).

‘ Son’Or’: the timely medical invention

Public health experts reveal that just 1% of hospitals in Cameroon are equiped with ear screening devices.
Evenmore, the few equipment available in hospitals are not properly maintained .
This scarcity explains why kids are hardly screened for deafness at birth.
‘Son’Or’ will now ensure a systematic screening of new borns in hospitals .

Dr Ngounou Guy Merlin is working with the Ministry of health to supply the device to all hospitals in Cameroon.

Dr Guy has also set up a small unit, “Bendo” to
accompany hospital staff who will be using the device.

Kathy Neba Sina

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