ENAM : Reference for training of Magistrates and Administrators

The National School for Administration and Magistracy, ENAM is the reference in Cameroon for the training of Magistrates and Administrators in the country.

The solemn reopening of the School Year is this Thursday, 24th January 2019.

The event marks the start of new school year and a solemn moment to welcome newly admitted students who are future state functionaries.

Who can enroll into ENAM?

The school trains Cameroonians aged between 18 and 32 years who are holders of at least the GCE Advanced Level.

The school also admits students from member countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States, CEMAC.

Aspirants for the competitive exam may either enrol for Cycle A reserved for holders of first Degree or Cycle B for those with the GCE Advanced Level or their equivalent.

However, Magistracy is general for those who have a Master’s 1 or maitrise in Law, Economics or related fields.

Since two years now, the Common Law section admits students who study essentially in English.

How to enroll into ENAM

Entrance into ENAM is by competitive entrance exam that is generally launched in May every year.

The competitive entrance exam is in two phases; the written phase and the oral phase reserved for those who succeed in the written phase.

How is the training

Training at ENAM last two years and involves two key stages; the first is military initiation training for 45days followed academic training at the campus in Yaounde.

Each trainee takes part in professional internship that may run for six to twelve months before graduation and posting to their respective duty stations.

The courses offered at ENAM are tailored to meet the needs of the public service.

Courses offered

The National School for Administration and Magistracy is divided in two main divisions including:

– Magistracy and Court Registry Division.

– Administrative and Financial Division.

Magistracy and Court Registry Division trains magistrates, court registry Administrators and Court Registrars.

Administrative and Financial Division trains in General Administration, Labour Administration, Social Affairs Administration for those in Administration while the Finance divisions trains in Taxation, custom and Treasury.

What do Graduates become

Magistrates, Court Registrars, Court Administrator, Civil servant in any Ministry, Civil Administrator amongst others.

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