Garbage disposal: Hysacam gets a partner

The Yaounde city council has awarded a contract to a new campany to work with Hysacam in the collection and treatment of garbage.

Urbandna/ambiafrica/Lipor breaks Hysacam’s monopoly, upon the instruction of the Head of State.

Officials of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development say,
Hysacam, will cover the Southern part of Yaounde while the newcomer Urbandna/ambiafrica/Lipor will be incharge of the Northern part of Yaounde .

The government’s decision to embrace other garbage disposal companies cames in the wake of Hysacam’s inability to respond to the increased garbage produced in recent months.

The seven councils in Yaounde have been assigned the role of collecting the garbage from the neighborhoods to major junctions.
The disposal company will later transport the waste to the treatment site.

The treatment of garbage officials say, remains the sole responsibility of Hysacam

Kathy Neba Sina

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