New Year Wishes: Bakas/ Bororos , Little height people, Mrs Biya’s special guests

The Bororo/ Baka and the little
Height people were the First Lady’s special guests during the new year wishes ceremony .

Mrs. Chantal Biya has a special attachment to the underprivileged. She has for many years sought to improve the wellbeing of the underprivileged.

Her relationship with the Bororos/ Bakas and the little height people has been termed fulfilling and fruitful.

Bororos/ Baka : An underprivileged Race

Mrs Chantal Biya holds a 19 -year-relationship with this group of Cameroonians who suffer from  limited access to education, hospitals and other basic facilities.

In 2003, the first HIV/AIDS screening was organized in the East region through the “Association Jeunes et Conscience pour Le president “.

Five years later, the First Lady in partnership with MIPROMALO constructed the Baka cultural palace in Mindourou worth some 300millionCFA. Ten modern makeshift houses were also built in the same locality.

In 2007, the First Lady, chaired the election of the first Miss Eujengui at the Yaounde Conference Centre.

Little Height People: living Above Stigmatization

The Little height people are considered outcasts in some part of the country.

The First Lady has for many years championed the cause for social inclusion.

The Chantal Biya Foundation facilitates training, finances small scale projects and provides financial assistance to this group of people.

The Bororos/ Bakas and the little height people are Mrs. Biya’s yearly guests during new year wishes ceremony.

Kathy Neba Sina

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