Regional Elections in Cameroon: What the law says

In 2018, the mandate of Members of Parliament and Municipal Councillors was extended by one year. On this premise, Legislative and Municipal elections are expected be organized in 2019.

In his New Year message, the President of the Republic said, “The seven-year term that has just begun should be decisive for our country. It could even be one of the most defining moments of our post-independence history.”

Regional, legislative and municipal elections could hold in Cameroon in pursuance of the development of the democratic landscape highlighted by President Paul Biya. “During the past half-century that has just ended, we progressively established democratic institutions.”

The statement was buttressed by Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute at the close of the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by President Paul Biya on 16th January 2019.

He said that the successful organisation of Regional, Council and Parliamentary elections this year, is one of his priority areas for the government.

According to Article 55, decentralized territorial communities of the Republic are regions and councils. The law adds that they enjoy administrative and financial autonomy for the management of regional and council interest.

The constitution defines their missions include promotion of economic, social, sanitary educational, cultural and sports development.

The composition of Regional councils and led by the President of the regional Council are supposed to reflect the sociological composition. They have a mandate of five years.

The revision of the electoral registers is on going while the political parties remain keen waiting for the convening of the electoral college.

Once elected, the President of the regional council is the representative of the President of the Republic in the Region.

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