Seasonal Change: How to get rid of household dust


The dry season is here! The dusty atmosphere that comes with the season, makes your home dirty and unhealthy. Medics say dust is one of the causes of respiratory and breathing problems. Dusting is still the best way of keeping your home dust-free, but other tips can be very helpful!

Dust cannot be completely eliminated , but these tips will help reduce the amount of dust in your home.

A dust -free home

# Get a standard air purifier. They clean the house by trapping dust particles.

#Use a vacuum cleaner twice a week, with much emphasis on high-traffic areas.

# sweep the floor regularly or better still daily.

# mop the floor regularly.This helps you get rid of dust that escaped the vacuum cleaner

# Use fewer textiles during the dry season. Blankets, clothes ,heavy blinds and curtains trap dust easily.

# Keep changing the position of your furniture. Keeping furniture on the same spot for years accumulates a lot of dust.

# During the dry season, remove carpets from your house. They are the first dust collectors.

# Do not buy artificial flowers. They also trap dust. Plant natural flowers to keep your house fresh and reduce the amount of dust that comes in.

Kathy Neba Sina

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