2019 Africa U-23 Cycling Nations Cup: Portuguese Francisco Campo wins second lap

Twenty one year old cyclist, Francisco Campo is winner of the second lap of the 2019 Africa U-23 Cycling Nations Cup organised in the littoral region, Cameroon.

The Portuguese cyclist crossed the finished line at the Gare de Bessengue in 2 hours 9 minutes and 56 seconds but failed to win the Yellow Jersey from Jacob Denezai from Eritrea.

Francisco Campo therefore won by fraction, the most spectacular win in cycling.

On his heels came the Eritrean Cyclist, Tesfazion Natneal; he arrived second in 2hours 9minutes 56seconds.

Mashuda Shoi of Japan came third in 2hours 9mins 56seconds.

Day-2 Classification : Six outstanding cyclists

1)  Campos Francisco (Portugal) – 2hours 9minutes 56seconds

2)Tesfazion Natnael (Eritrea) – 2hours 9minutes 56seconds

3)Matsuda Shoi, (Japan) – 2hours 9minutes 56seconds

4)Debesay Yakob (Eritrea) – 2hours 9minutes 58seconds

5) Karl Adams (Monaco-Europe) – 2hours 9minutes 58seconds

6)Sahhahi Lahcen (Morocco) – 2hours 9minutes 56seconds

General Classification Table

1)Natnael Mebrahtom (Eritrea) – 15 points , overall best and winner of the Yellow Jersey

2)Tesfazion Natnael (Eritrea) – 14 points,  winner of the Green Jersey

3) Carlo Salgueiro (Portugal) , Best Climber and winner of the White Jersey.

During the present Cycling Nation’s Cup, the 108 athletes from Africa, Europe and Asia covered a distance of 102.3 kilometres in Douala.

The third lap programmed this Wednesday will cover a distance of 66.8km from Nkongsamba to Dschang.

The first lap was won by Eritrean cyclist Jacob Denezai who covered 18.8 km in 23minutes 58 seconds.

Benly Anchunda

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