2019 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope: A look at the mysterious mountain

The Mount Cameroon Race is 41 kilometres of a particularly difficult terrain.

The  mystries and tales of the Buea mountain is itself a force to reckon with.

There are many  stories told about the god of the mountain “Efassa Moto” translated to mean “Half-human” .

The Bakwerians call the mountain “Mongo ma Lobo”  “Mountain of Thunder”.

On the mountain, the temperature fluctuate making it difficult for contester at times.

In the rainy season, the wind is accompained by fog that blurrs visibility.

At 23 degree celsius (23°c ) to zero degree celsius it can be very tedious for contesters.

The mountain is over 4100 metres above sea level with a combination of the savana and thick forest vegetations.

The most daunting is the rocky slope on the greater part of the mountain, the highest in the West and Central Africa

Long time contenders like Reverend Father Shifter Walters, Englishman Mike Shot and Pierre Andrea Gobert from Sweden described the competition as one of the most enduring and challenging in the world.

Benly Anchunda


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