2019 Youth Day : President Paul Biya undertakes to facilitate the integration of youth

In his address to the Youth this 10th February 2019, President Paul Biya assures young Cameroonians that he is aware of difficulties and aspirations for change.

In the 17 minute address, the Head of State stated unequivocally;
“The future of Cameroon will be built with you” he saluted the political maturity of the youth, encouraging them to adopt the traditional political mainstream that calls for their participation in elections.

He also decried the troubling excesses on social media asking each to contribute to a united Cameroon in spite of socio-cultural and linguistic diversity.

*President Paul Biya on the economy*

Addressing young Cameroonians, President Paul Biya acknowledges the fact that its has not been easy in the domain of jobs for the thousands of youth who seek employment each year.

The Head of State discussed the need to adapt training to the demands of the job market.  He announced a series of  training by specific agencies for specific programmes to contain the rising numbers of unemployed youth.

As he called on government to give priority economically beneficial programmes, Paul Biya undertook to  encourage foreign businesses to invest in Cameroon asking young Cameroonians to avail themselves of available opportunities in a country with a positive forecast.

Hailing the courage and spirit of selflessness of  the  youth, President Paul Biya declared;
I am determined to pursue with you our common vision for a just society.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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