Cameroon: 2019 Judicial year solemnly opened

The 2019 Judicial year in Cameroon has been solemnly opened by the Lord Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Daniel Mekobe Sone.

The solemn ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute and a number of cabinet Ministers. Heads of Diplomatic Missions accredited to Yaounde, magistrates and other auxiliaries of the judiciary also took part at the annual event.

The Lord Chief Justice of the Supreme Court highlighted the place of freedom of expression in the country’s legal framework. he said some Cameroonians have misused and abused their freedom of  expression.

He called on the legislative to make laws that will regulate freedom of expression especially in a era of social media.

He also emphasised that Cameroon is a Democratic state and democracy is over and above all the respect of the law.

The Procureur General of the Supreme Court for his part pinpointed the importance of civil status registration to development.

He said that the birth certificate is the first document that any individual has in life. Besides attributing names to the child, the birth certificate gives a nationality to the new born.

The solemn ceremony at the audience hall of the Supreme Court also marked the close of the 2018 judiciary year in Cameroon.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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