FESPACO: connecting African Cinema to the World

The Pan African Festival of Film and Television FESPACO  holding in Ouagadougou,  Burkina Faso is now a biennial  tourist attraction that pulls in thousands of Film lovers, people who love African arts, craft and culture.

The cinema culture of the people too has created a serious bond between the Burkinabes and film producers across the world.

The number of people who stream into Ougadougou at this time of the year have much to distract themselves with.

The major cinema houses that project films are busy every day with film lovers.

Expatriates just like the Burkinabes cue up at film hours to watch the films on program.

CINE Burkina, Institude Français and Cinema Nerwaya are their destinations everyday.

There is also the FESPACO village , situated at the premises of the FESPACO headquarters. Here, there is a lot to catch the eye; Arts and crafts works on display.

West African fashion design occupies a large space in the festival village.

Tourists come in to buy or just admire wonderful locally made crafts work.

The gastronomic corner at the festival village offers Burkinabe delicacies like ‘poulet ail’  chicken eaten with ground galice, ‘poulet flambe’ a form of grilled chicken and fried plantains known here as ‘loko’.

There are also home made drinks and imported ones for those who care about their stomachs.

Another site that records large numbers of tourists is ‘La Maison du peuple’  and ‘Place de la Nation’ where a great deal of marketing takes place.

Diverse items are on exhibition and sale. They also sit down to chat over a cup of coffee.

‘La Place de Cinéastes’ bearing the monument of Film makers who have died and monuments of other great actors of the African film industry, located just adjacent the Ouagadougou town hall, attracts visitors to FESPACO . They come here to take snapshots.

Prisilia Lum

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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