FESPACO Film Market: Cameroon  Presents Over 50 Productions

An average of 3 film distributors visit Cameroon’s Stand at the Film Market at the 26th edition of FESPACO located at the site of  ‘La Place de la Nation’  Ouagadougou daily. They flip through the Catalogue  carrying over 50 films.

This year Cameroon film makers sent in Feature documentary films. Long and short films in both English and French languages.

According to  Marcel Epee, Festival Director at Ecrans Noirs, the productions found on the Catalogue have been sent in by the producers . Their role is to render them visible to the film distributors who come to the  film market in search of products destined for broadcasters.

‘With all information provided about the film, the distributors if interested in the product then gets in contact with the film producer for negotiations, we don’t negotiate with film distributors on behalf of the producer’ Epee said.

The Film distributors are the main target in the film market, serving as middlemen between the producer and the broadcasters.  They collect the products and make them available to the users.

Cameroon’s stand at the Film Market is pivoted by Ecrans Noirs, supported by the government through the ministries of Arts and Culture and Tourism. CORDIA  a private an Audio-Visual film production house in Douala has provided the necessary decor and necessary communication around the event.

Made in Cameroon products like tea and coffee and tourist destinations are also promoted at the Film Market, at the stand representing Cameroon.

Prisilia Lum.

Elvis Teke

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