First general Assembly of Mayors: Recommendations

First general Assembly of councils of Cameroon has ended in Yaounde.

During the session between Mayors, expert and government, the municipal administrators voiced their  expectations.

In the expectations of total transfer of resources and skills, the mayors have control only on the revenues of their Council.

The first edition of the General Meeting of the Councils allows mayors to advocate for effective financial autonomy.

According to them, the total management of financial resources as envisaged by decentralization, is still not effective.

The municipal administrators also stated that, most of the finances are managed in closed collaboration with the state agencies. This is the case of the credits transferred under the BIP or the envelope allocated by the Special Council Support Fund for Equipment and Intervention (Feicom).
The mayors further explained that, it is “assisted management” by the central administration.

Since 2010, the state has granted 400 billion to municipalities as part of decentralization. For example, in 2019, each municipality benefits from 100 million Fcfa.

However, this assisted management is not accepted by the mayors who felt that, they are outside the circle of decision-making.

The mayors were unanimous. They have control only on the product of the local taxation. “The mayor manages the revenues of the municipality in accordance with the municipal budget, which defines in detail the revenues and expenses,” the mayor of Ambam, Hyacinthe Mba Mbo explained.

Council revenues comes from:

– Communal taxes,
– Mining royalties,
– Communal stamps,
– Partnerships and twinnings,
– Various gifts.

Depending on the size of each municipality, the amounts from these sources of funding can reach several hundred million Fcfa.

So, regardless of state funding through Feicom, mayors with large population sizes and partnerships can benefit from considerable income.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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