Keeping Bamenda Clean: The Military makes a great contribution

The Cameroonian Armed Forces have embarked on a “Keep Bamenda Clean” campaign inspite of the security tensions.

Personnel of the fifth joint military region in Bamenda were on the streets to clean, dispose trash and give the city a new look.

The exercise was carried out to remove unfriendly stench,  standing heaps of trash and abandoned rubbish.

Using the front head loader and a truck, military cleared off everything on popular sites in Bamenda.

The Food Market through popular Commercial Avenue to Up-station were cleared of the waste and grass on the eye catching sites.

One of the supervising officers, Chief Warrant officer, Paul Taku says the city dwellers deserve to live in a healthy environment.

He says the military has opted to remain close and protect the population.

The population inturn has applauded the friendly gesture which according to the commander of the Fifth Military region, Brigadier General Agha Robinson will run for sometime.

The military has been active in restoring movement in some parts of the region.

-Offering Medical assistance to persons in inaccessible areas amongst other friendly  activities.



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