In just 24 minutes the film director broke the ice over an issue that is ravaging the dignity of young women in Africa. The Cameroonian short film entittled ‘MES SILENCES’ by Benjamin Eyaga projected at Cine Burkina Tuesday exposed what most young women go through.

ANDELA, an orphan who lives with her grand mother ‘mbombo’ is pledge to be married to Ndongo. Then the parish priest, extends to her an invitation, that turns out to be a sexual advance.

Shocked by the behaviour of the clergyman the young woman runs out of the parish house at night, just to we caught by men sent by the priest. She is gang- raped at the street corner. By the priest and three other men.

This results in a pregnancy, which the grandmother and fiance  believe belongs to Ndongo . Hiding the rape incident she proposes to abort the pregnancy. But there is stiff resistance from Mbombo and Ndongo.

Three months of pregnancy, she miscarriages and is rushed to hospital. She is diabolized for committing abortion, and the hospital fails to save her live. Her medical record then showed she had a three-month ectopic pregnancy that ruptured because of no antenatal follow up, leading to over bleeding. She also tested HIV positive.

The Fiancee is shocked because their last sexual relation dates five months ago an he is HIV negative. ANDELA died in silence. An the predator continues his heinous crime in silence.

The director of the film  Benjamin Eyaga , said so far the short film has won 9 awards. He decided of talk about sexual violence because there is a lot of silence about it, yet many young women are made victims  everyday.

The projection of the film just before 8th March, the International Women’s Day, is a call for something to be done, to save the dignity of young women.

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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