National security : Paul Atanga Nji visits Adamawa region

One week after an elite squadron of the National Gendarmerie was dispatched to fight hostage takers in the Adamawa region, the Minister of Territorial Administration has traveled to the region to make an on- the -spot assessment of the situation.

The working visit is also to reassure farmers and cattle breeders victims of regular theft and abductions that government is determined to grant them total security.

Government stepped – in after an up surge in banditry and abductions were reported in the Adamawa region in recent months.

The Minister assured cattle breeders that strong measures have been put in place by the Head of State.

In one of his recent address, the President instructed the army’s high command to stop the raids on cattle farmers in the region.

The army immediately deployed an elite squadron.

The Minister of Territorial Administration is bearer of a message of assurance from the Head of State to the populations.

The Territorial Administration Minister meet with administrative and traditional authorities.

He also granted audience to a delegation led by Ahmadou Tidjani.

During each of the meeting he called for collaboration between the population and security services in other to track down the hostage takers.

At the close of the meeting it was revealed that;

– More than 2 billion Francs has been paid as ransom between 2015 and 2018

– some 8000 heads of cattle have been stolen

– over thirty cases of robbery have been reported

The hardest hit areas were identified to be Tignère, Galim and Belel.

The 130 elite squad from the Multipurpose Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie have restored hope in the population.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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