New Year wishes : Charles Ndongo sets the agenda for 2019

The General Manager of the CRTV has congratulated the personnel for the efficient coverage of elections in 2018 on TV radio and the web.

He said the year was marked by some significant dates the first being, the launch of the all news channel, CRTV News, also referred “princess of continuous information”.

The channel was launched on 28th January 2018. To the management of CRTV News, the DG said “Congratulations to you Evelyne and your tireless team,” .

He added that Evelyne Owona Essomba manager of the channel will be evaluated with time.

Charles Ndongo saluted the prompt and professional treatment of the situation in the North West and Southwest regions as well as post-election litigation.

He also congratulated the CRTV Web staff on the “Web Presence of the Year” award from Médiatude.

He invited the head of New Media Division, Mireille Bisseck, to join him on the podium. “Congratulations to you who have worked … to make CRTV shine,” he added.

In addition, he praised the talent of Serge Pouth of the national station who received the Grand Prix URTI in Paris.
The DG indicated that new year will be one of full commitment of all. In the face of multifaceted threats, we must show more “presence and vigilance.

In the face of this situation, we must take full responsibility,” said Charles Ndongo. Among other challenges, the CRTV must:

– Contribute to the return of peace and the appeasement of the social climate,

– Go faster, higher and further for the next elections

– Offer the best possible service to the public and users of the CRTV,

– Optimize the human resources management plan,

– Make sure not to leave room for some “lazy” staff.

– Stimulate departures for those who can not work

– Establish a computerization system for human resources.

The DG announces that “this year will be largely, the year of the radio”. The CRTV with a total of 18 channels, is “the largest radio network in Africa”. So, “each of our stations must be a star in the national audiovisual landscape,” Charles Ndongo said.

In this light, on February 13, international Radio Day, the CRTV intends to mark a deep reflection on the radio programs.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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