New Year wishes : CRTV’s social strategy protects gender equity

The Director of Human Resources and Social Strategy of the CRTV, Dr. Abdoulkadri told personnel of the CRTV this 1st February that the CRTV upholds gender equity.

He was speaking during the ceremony to present best wishes for the new year to CRTV’s Director General and his deputy at IFCPA Ekounou in Yaounde.

He his evaluation of the year 2018, Dr. Abdoulkadri said that the year was marked by the speedy payment of salaries, promotion of the social dialogue in company, the improvement of working conditions of the personnel.
He also noted some cases of indiscipline within the corporation.

He however indicated that “the rate of indiscipline as a whole is stagnant,” marked by the holding of two disciplinary council sessions in 2018.

In addition, the phenomenon of sexual harassment is another case of indiscipline the DRHS emphasised promising sanctions.

He said “we must punish the perpetrators,”. The statement received ovation.

He also outlined other Many expectations expressed on behalf of the staff:

– Accelerate the processing of files,

– Guarantee an inclusive dialogue in decision-making,

– Motivate employees more to give their best,

– Decentralise the DHRS services,

– Prevent the risk of accidents at work.

He concluded that staff capacity building should be enhanced to increase productivity through practical training and specialized training.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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