Promote 2019: The perfect platform to discuss business and impediments

A number of young entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the many Small and Medium Sized Enterprises exhibiting products and know-how at the international trade fair.

One of such is 33year year old Kuete Blaise Apaulin from the Littoral region.

His exhibition stand is an attraction because of the originality of his products.

Apaulin who works with cocoa farmers is specialised in the transformation of cocoa.

Among the products on his exhibition stand are cocoa butter, cocoa powder and processed cocoa beans.

Apaulin Kuete says the Promote exhibition fair is a milestone because he has sealed-up a number of partnership agreements with investors from Chad and local partners.

The 30 year old says his goal is to have Cameroonians consume cocoa in different forms.

He states that over 250,000 tons of cocoa is produced annually but very little is consumed locally.

Blaise Apaulin Kuete’s vision

As a young entrepreneur, Apaulin’s first wish is to fully develope his business and empower other young stakeholders.

He trains cocoa farmers in the Littoral region on improved farming methods.

In the process of buying and transforming cocoa to tertiary products, other young Cameroonians are trained.

Apaulin’s challenges as young entrepreneur

Though his high quality products are admired by many, Mr Kuete admits he still needs to adopt a good marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy is a big issue to him because Cameroonians do not have the habit of consuming locally transformed foodstuffs.

Second, the young entrepreneur witnesses a slow down in the production process because he must import the packaging from abroad.

Blaise Apaulin Kuete is one of the many young entrepreneurs who remain very positive.

He says Promote 2019 was a perfect platform for young entrepreneurs to discuss these impediments while hoping that government gives support to their growing business.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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