#Promote2019 : Foreign exhibitors adopt a different strategy



Foreign exhibitors at the international business exhibition Promote, though relatively few, are pulling large crowds.


Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, French, Senegalese , Ivorians , Malians and other nationals have brought in a number of articles.

Visitors get to admire kitchen utensils , gold jewelry , handmade jewelry, sandals, shoes, handbags, carpets, decoration accessories and other cosmetic products, all made from local materials.

Sandals and shoes made from local African material


Indians and Pakistani exhibitors for example, are exhibiting gold jewelry, household equipment and particularly kitchen utensils.


Those from Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire , Mali and other African countries have come with traditional attires, jewelry and household equipment made from local materials.

#Promote2019: Foreign Exibitors, Another Objective


Selling articles on the stands  is not the first objective for these  foreign exhibitors. Most of them state that they prefer to have their companies known to the public.

They have come to the Trade Fair to prospect with the ultimate goal of setting up local branches.


The innovative and practical household equipments on their stands have been marveling huge crowds.


The Promote business exhibition is  an occasion to attract the crowds with  practical demonstrations  with the equipments on display.

They have been reaching out to  more visitors through a number of youths recruited to market their articles and services .


Kathy Neba Sina

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