Skm School: A mobile app to monitor children’s school activities

Skm School is a locally developed mobile application for parents and guardians to closely follow-up the learning process of their children from a distance.

The online platform notifies the parents on the day-to-day activities of their children at school .

How to get Skm School

Skm School is a mobile app that can be downloaded free through a Google play store with a smartphone or any electronic portable device.

Parents who cannot afford smartphones will frequently receive updates through the short message services commonly known as SMS using the GSM network

How the application functions

Through a click, parents will be informed on the daily timetable of their kids, the examination schedule, assignments and most importantly on the punctuality of the children at school

The application, also gives the parents information on the performances of their kids after sequential tests

Parents who are subscribed to the mobile application stay updated even out of the country.

History of the app

The locally made application was developed in 2017 by 33-year old Computer Engineer, Samnick Denis.

His motivation is due to the busy schedule of many parents and guardians who barely have time with their children at home

The young Cameroonian from the Centre region adds that the application will help school going Cameroonians to be discipline.

According to the Samnick Denis, parents have to actively participate in the education process of their children, then the application to him is indispensible.


At the Lycee Leclerc here in Yaounde, where the application was introduced to the Parent Teachers Association, PTA, the team received a standing ovation from the staff and the parents.

The PTA President, Owono Nestor said the application will serve a big deal to promote the teaching/learning process in the country.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Yaounde has indicated interest in the app and promised its introduction in her schools in the very near future.

The application is still to be known in Cameroon but has already been approved in seven private schools in Ndjamena, Chad.

Benly Anchunda

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