The contaminated diaper saga: Government uplifts suspension on ten brands



The Ministry of Trade has uplifted the suspension of sale on ten brands of baby disposable diapers.

The decision was taken after certification by the National Laboratory for Quality Control of Medicines and Expertise,  LANACOME.

The brands that are now qualified to be sold in the local market do not cantain any harmful substance that can be a health risk to the new born. The ten are;



1) SITRACEL, Sita Diapers

2) AUGUST   et FRERES, Blessing baby diapers

3) EURO COSMETICS , Moby  Nursy diapers

4) LATUNJI MOTAYO, Molfix diapers

5) AMAZON CAMEROON , Giggles diapers

6) DEE LITE SARL ,  Molfix  baby diapers and Libero Peau Douce diapers

7) BIOPHARMA, Moby baby diapers

8) INTERNATIONAL TRADE, Luna and oridel baby diapers

9) TCHIN PAS SARL, Joy Links diapers

10) HOMEBRO CAMEROON Ltd, Softcare Diapers


The Minister specifies that other brands in the local market are being subjected to the process of certification.

If proven risk free, they will eventually be allowed in the local market.


It will be recalled that the Agency for Standards snd Quality ( ANOR) gave an alert , reporting the sale of contaminated diapers in Cameroon.

A consultative meeting grouping stakeholders in the sales and distribution of the diapers, government officials and specialised agency resolved to suspend the sales spending varification.


Kathy Neba Sina

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