Youth Day celebration: Children on the bench one day after

It has been business in schools as usual, one day after the 53rd Youth Day celebrations nationwide.

Pupils and students hit the streets as early as 6:00 am this Tuesday, 12th February 2019 on bikes, taxis or on foot. Their destinations were different but purpose, the same; to resume lessons after the Monday’s celebrations.

The celebration fever died last evening and all came to terms with the fact that there will be zero tolerance for lateness.

Morning Assembly at the Government Bilingual High School Mimboman, the “Ecole Bilingue Les Grillions”, Mimboman and other schools visited held at the usual hour before classes could begin.

The inspection teams in all schools were very keen on attire and discipline.

It’s second term, a very determinant term, the syllabus must be covered and catch-up classes organised when necessary.
But, inspite of the strict instructions, some of the young are still to recover from the long hours of singing, the major highlight of 11 February’s march past. Some young children of the Victory Educational Center Mimboman were found sleeping.

Mr Nwgang Divine, Head teacher of the school has an explanation.

“We have effectively resumed, but attendance is a little timid. We have received reports that some children travelled out of Yaounde for the youth day celebration and have not come back. Others came very late, and we understand that they are still struggling to meet up with the normal routine after the very long weekend “.

It is evident that school activities will intensify even for these tired children in few days.

Kathy Neba Sina

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