AFCON 2019: Fans rally behind the lions for a crucial qualification match

The indomitable lions face the Corlacantes of Comoros Island on Saturday for a crucial qualification 2019 AFCON match.

The Head coach of the Cameroon team Clarence Seardof and players sound optimistic as they count on support of fans.

Despite the timid turnout at ticket sales points, fans are very upbeat about the match.

Armelle Ndongmo, says supporting the Lions is a moral obligation.

“I am a Cameroonian. It is just but natural and patriotic to support the lions as they defend the country’s colours. I will be watching the game from home. It’s a rendez-vous I can’t miss.”

Pascal Chick another football fan says it will be regrettable and a shame if Cameroon is knocked out of the competition.

“I will be supporting our boys from the kickoff whistle. I really wish to see Cameroon participate in this year’s AFCON. It is first of all embarrassing enough that we were stripped off hosting rights. Imagine us not being participants in a competition we were supposed to host.”

Other diehards at ticket sales points are already dressed in Cameroon colours.

“We are behind Seardof and his boys. We love his strategy. We know we are going for victory as we face Comoros this Saturday.”

However, few Cameroonians remain indifferent to the game.

Beer parlour operators on their part say the match is occasion to do good  business.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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