Arts and Culture : “Yaphoto” a photo exibition launched in Yaounde 

The third edition of the Photo exibition dubbed “Yaphoto ” has been launched in Yaounde this 12th March, 2019.

The exhibition expected to end on 31st March 2019 was launched by a representative of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Mme Ngwafor Grace


“Yaphoto” has been organised by the Ministry of Arts and Culture in collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR.


For a third time,  Photographers showcase their know-how through a variety of photos dipicting the country in all its facets.

Visitors viewing photos at the Ministry of Arts and Culture

“Yaphoto” : A reflection of Cameroon’s History and Cultural identity in pictures


More than relating Cameroon’s history, the contemporary photos on display are symbols of  the cultural diversity. Mme Grace Ngwafor says


“Photography isn’t just a communication tool. It’s an art which the Ministry of Arts and Culture is committed to developing . It enables the younger generation to better understand the history of Cameroon and at the same time, preserve our cultural identity “.


 “Yaphoto” : UNHCR’s arena to vehicle environmental protection principles

According  to the UN Resident Coordinator in Cameroon, Allegra Baiocchi ,  the exhibition is an  ideal opportunity for Cameroonians to learn more about environmental protection, sustainable development, new technology and security enhancement.

UN Resident Cordinator for Cameroon, Allegra Baiocchi addresses visitors

Cameroon is hosting close to 400,000 refugees from the CAR and Nigeria.

Due to this mass influx, some 200,000 trees need to be planted to preserve the environment.

The UN has adopted the “The Cocoon planting technology”. A technology which favours large numbers of trees to be grown in a forest.

The UN Cordinator says the trees will  serve  as a shed to these populations that have fled incredible violence and sufferings.

Photo on display

The photo exibition runs till 31st March 2019.


Kathy Neba Sina

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