Crisis in the English speaking regions: A new peace innitiative emerges

It all started in 2016. Some english speaking professionals complained of discrimination. Government made concessions but the complaints evolved to a situation of crisis.



As the third year into the crisis begins, the crisis has turned ugly with many deaths, destruction of property and a total disruption of the economic fabric of the two regions by extension to the national economy.

Faced with the growing suffering of the people, an eighteen man group has been formed to give a new impetus to the restoration of peace.

Hon. Enwe Francis        Hon. Chief N.N. Mbile

The North West and South West Peace Movement is composed of elites of different social and political background.

“The continuous killings, arson acts, looting and abuse of human rights have caused sleepless nights to me reason why we decided to come out with a peace path”  Honorable Chief N.N. Mbile of Lipenja I, Ndian Division, one of the flag bearers of the innitiative explains.

The members have been working in seclusion till 23rd February 2019 when they came out publicly.


The vision of the movement is the return to normalcy in the one time peaceful North West and South West regions.

Another flag bearer Honorable Enwe Francis says every Cameroonian with a good concience craves for a condusive environment for dialogue.

The group has tabled proposals for a ceasefire in the troubled zones.

The first challenge is to stop the exactions and violence.

Profile of the Members

The peace innitiative according to Hon. Chief  Norbert Mbile is the “Peoples’ Movement’ with eighteen members for a start.

Its members are from different shades of opinion and ideologies.

The innitiators crave for a pluri-ideological membership; federalists, separatists and nationalists. Admission into the group is on the basis of influence and goodwill. Just to note that membership is not limited to a particular group of persons.

All divisions of the two the NW and SW are represented

Plan of Action

The NW/SW Peace Movement on Cessation of Violence has agreed on a six-point action plan to be executed in two phases.

1) Meeting with the government. Considered to be the game changer.
2)Meeting with all leaders; those in jail, bushes or diaspora.
3)Identification and ground-softening negotiations with others influencial actors.
The group plans to work with the National Committee of Demobilisation, Disarmament and Rehabilitation (NDDR) to reach other ex-fighters.
4) In case of adhesion, the Peace brokers intend to proceed with the second phase which is a three month period of reconciliation with the backing of the NDDR.
5) If all works as planned, the team will eventually push for the release of all persons in jailed in relation to the crisis in the NW and SW.
6) Implementation of a more friendly method in restoring law and order from the Cameroonian army.


Member of Parliament, Hon. Enwe Francis at the frontline of the peace innitiative says there should be no pre-conditions in conflict management.

Hon. Chief  Norbert Mbile, another frontrunner declares ” If dialogue has to be organised, it has to be in a calm environment “.

He thinks its time to stop finger pointing and seek concrete solutions to the problem.
The solutions could be sought by;
#Educating the actors on the devastating consequences of the crisis.
#Counselling fighters and officials of law and order on the need to respect human lives.
# Guaranteeing the safety of ex-fighters.
#Drawing up an employment plan for ex-fighters and victims of the crisis.


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