Fighting Price Hikes: Government gives a  second chance to recalcitrant traders 


“CONGELCAM” , “poisonerie Nouvelle” , and “poisonnerie mignon” reopened after a 24 shutdown by officials of the National Price Control Brigade.


In a bid to check the unilateral increase in the prices of some basic commodities of high consumption, control teams are constantly deployed on the field.

The Divisional Delegate of Trade for  Mfoundi, Zambo Manga Joseph Pierre said the cold stores sealed disregarded government’s instructions.

Divisional Delegation of Trade for Mfoundi, Zambo Manga Joseph Pierre

Officials from the National Price Control Brigade realised that “CONGELCAM” cold stores at Mfoundi, Etoudi, Mvog Atangana Mballa  markets ,as well as “poisonnerie Nouvelle”, and ” Poisonnerie Mignon” cold stores sold fish above the official prize .

A kilogram of mackerel was sold at CFA1500 instead of CFA 1200, the official price.

The official prices for fish and other food items had been agreed upon during a meeting chaired by the Minister of Trade on 20th March, 2019.

Although the cold stores have been re-opened, authorities caution  that the routine price  checks will continue nationwide. 


Kathy Neba Sina

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