Tony Elumelu Foundation: 102 Cameroonians selected

One hundred and two Cameroonians have been selected to take part in the 5th cycle of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme to be organized in Abuja, Nigeria

The 102 were drawn from a total of 216,000 applicants from 54 countries in Africa.

The 2019 Tony Elumelu Foundation entrepreneurship holds from July 26th -27th.

Three thousand and fifty young entrepreneurs from the continent are expected at the two day event to empower the youth on entrepreneurial skills .

The Tony Elumelu Foundation

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is a non-profit making organization founded by a Nigerian investor and philanthropist, Tony O. Elumelu.

The promoter believes in the strength of the private sector as key to sustainable development of Africa.

The ultimate goal is to transform 10,000 African entrepreneurs to large scale employers within a period of ten years.

The spiraling effect is the creation of at least one million jobs to bring in $10 billion in revenue to the African economy.

Since the start of the Foundation in 2015, a total of 4,470 entrepreneurs have already been empowered while 3050 will be trained this time around.

This Foundation fund 1,000 entrepreneurs while its its partners assist with 2,050 others for 2019.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation and Cameroon

In the past five years over two hundred Cameroonians have benefitted from the Tony Elumelu Foundation entrepreneurship.

The beneficiaries are drawn from diverse fields in the domain of fashion, agriculture, education and training, manufacturing, commercial and retail, healthcare, energy and many others.

For the 2019 programme, twenty-seven Cameroonians will be funded by the
Foundation while seventy-five will be supported by the African Development Bank, the AfDB

List of  2019 TEF beneficiaries in Cameroon

The twenty-seven funded by the TEF

Abongta Mirabel Sirri, Healthcare

Nadia Njong Nya Keng, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Bahel Pierre Dieudonne Bahel, Professional Services

Nanga Chifen Venessa, Energy/Power Generation

Beteck Epie Terrence, Commercial/Retail

Nasumba Godlove Ituka, Manufacturing

Christina Nchanji Nketi, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Ngah Berlin Sidoine , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Djoko Hermann Brice Tchuente, Agriculture (Agri-Business,Farming)

Nguemou Rodrigue Steve, Healthcare

Guyot Jean Claude Armel, ICT

Nkeng Bakouyack Paul-Marius Junior, Fashion

Ines Obolo Nwaga, Healthcare

Nkwankwa Yasin Sidik,

Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Joybert Javnyuy , ICT

Pamela Edibe Njumbe, Financial Services

Leonel Ako Tiku, Telecommunication

Perez Enokwei Na, Education And Training

Luma Francis Mbole, Haulage/ Logistics

Ruth Nalova Menyoli, Agriculture (Agri-Business,Farming)

Martial Dountio Tumene, Education And Training

Tankou Conrad , Healthcare

Mbe Abia Shela, Fashion

Ulrich Tsamo Ngoumezong, Agriculture (AgriBusiness, Farming)

Minkande Julien Brice Milice, Education And Training

Wung Denis Chu, Consulting

Mokome John Njunge, FMCG

Seventy-five beneficiaries to be funded by AfDB


Abbo Rachida Babette, Tourism/Hospitality

Achu Cheh Joel, ICT

Akowah Ndanyeh Kelvin, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Amaah Mechi , Manufacturing

Amenchwi Amahnui George, Waste


Anong Chick Biat, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Awo Leonard Disonge, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Bainamndi Daliwa Joseph, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Bassoke Elenda Claude Rodrigue,Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Bertrand Atanga Ngwa, Energy/Power


Besongbesem Besong Juliette, Manufacturing

Bih Tim Immaculate, Construction

Bille Fonkang Donald Martin, Financial Services

Blaise Nyomi Ebong Nkelle, Haulage/ Logistics

Boanong Nestor Shey, ICT

Boyom Austin Rhommulus Deboy, ICT

Elimbi Marie-Caroline Kingue, Professional


Epie Mabrice Njume, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Eric Chiaga Foinchi, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Fon Francis Teboh, ICT

Forteck Aneurin Lyowe, Waste Management

Fotso Sylvain, ICT

Fru Ngu Roland, Healthcare

Gevala Dohmatob Cyril, Manufacturing

Gnotue Fotso Geradin, Manufacturing

Gomse Paul Patrice, Waste Management

Irene Sama Ongonbibu, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Iya Hamadama Saidou, Waste Management

Joel Apong Apugi, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Kamdem Ghislain Carlos, Telecommunication

Kehfon Laika Eugine, Education and Training

Kofana Thierry Guy Amassana, ICT

Kouamen Cedric Nga, Commercial/Retail

Kuchambi Tangwan Stanley, Media and


Kuja Marie Claire Nabila, Healthcare

Labo’O Delphine Delph, Education and Training

Latchekou Guillaume Kadje, Oil & Gas

Mbade Aurelie Ngo, Education and Training

Mbeh Gilbert, ICT

Menye Angeline Mireille , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Mesoe Omasimoh Omasimoh, Fashion

Mosah Bill Nanji, Commercial/Retail

Mundo Isabelle, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Naoussi Kuitche Iselin Martial , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Nchotu Manka Ngwelaah, Education and Training

Ndefo Ezechiel Kounga, FMCG

Nemba Nganjo Shadrack, Manufacturing

Ngaleu Yonga Gabin Gabino, Construction

Ngounou Patrick Kouam, Waste Management

Ngoupeyi Kouemene Rinel Randolph,


Nkafu Emenyi Nelly, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Nkolo Tchoungui Adjessa Claude Xavier Xavier

Nkolo, Education and Training

Nopoudem Tchatchouang Sidonie Krystel

Halcyone, Consulting

Nuh Julienne Niih, FMCG

Ophilia Atemkeng Njinkeng Ophilia, Fashion

Paul Miteminui Atanga, Waste Management

Prombo Pierre Peghoko, Education and Training

Sama-Lang Ruud Bedga, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Stephen Noneguieh Prowo, Transportation

Tabi Gwangwa’A Priestley Pride, Manufacturing

Taneform Nwatum Valentine, Media and

Tazifor Alem Fredy Romuald, Education and Training

Tchouela Eder Jonathan Bienvenu Djatche,


Tchounyabe Ruben Doufene, Waste Management

Teke Derick Ndam, Energy/Power Generation

Tenyeh Derick Tibah, Professional Services

Tetang Isis Sumie, Fashion

Tobias Njile Njawe, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Verburinyuy Sam Cilvan, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)

Verda Beche Verda, Commercial/Retail

Victor Oben Atem Enow, Aviation

Voyui Mbofung Javans, Manufacturing

Wodjiho Joelle Aimee Nzeutouo, Waste

Those Entrepreneurs selected shall each receive non- refundable $5,000 capital and a 12-week business training on the needs of African entrepreneurs.
 TEF and partners

The Foundation’s growing list of partners includes the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Federal Republic of Benin (Seme City), the Anambra State Government, Indorama, the Government of Botswana and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Benly Anchunda


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