2019 FESTAC: The Sudano Sahel culture prevails at the Limbe festival

The rich culture of the Sudano Sahel ethnic group was put on display on Day 3 of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture FESTAC.

The groups from the Adamawa, North, Far North and Benin resident in Limbe took their turn to entertain guests at the festival.

Among the displays that caught the attention of many were the Moïwo, baba and Massa dances.

A Benue dance group left the audience perplexed through very unusual performances.

The dancers for example, shaved and ate human hair, chewed cartons of razor blades and attempted cutting themselves with very sharp objects. It was scary but interesting.

The Benin community received special ovations from the Government Delegate to the Limbe city Council Motanga Andrew Monjimba due to their massive turnout and beautiful choreography that added splendour to the festival.

 Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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