2019 FESTAC: The Youth exhibit creativity at the festival

The Limbe 2019 Festival of Arts and Culture has been a perfect platform for the exhibition of goods and services.

Business persons occupied over 250 stands at the festival village.

Among these persons were a number of youths who were determined to let the public know more about their abilities.

One of such is Bate Arrah Bissong involved in robotics.

He brought in five different robotically constructed trucks; bulldozers, excavator, front loader and a dump truck.

His space pulled crowds as be carried out demonstrations on how the big engines operate.

Interestingly, Bate Arrah Bissong is a school dropout who has built up interest in the domain of welding.


Though he has no background in technical education, he presently owns a shop basically due to his creative mind.

He acknowledges the role of the continuous internet research carried out on the success of his projects.

Another young man who says he is confident of being an Einstein is Ndipetah Protus.

He exhibits a manual working machine that produces electricity that can be used for the charging of phones.

Protus says his dream is to extend his project to rural communities that have no electricity supply.

These are just few of the many young people that brought in interesting projects for public admiration.

These Youth look forward to getting more exposure, conclude fruitful partnerships and obtain financial support to invest.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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