Back to School : The decisive third term begins in earnest   

Classes have resumed for the third and final term in schools nationwide this Monday, 15th April 2019.

After a two-week break, pupils and students were back on the streets as early  as 6:00 am this 15th April 2019.

Some trekked, others on  bikes, taxis and private vehicles heading for school.

At Zang Mebenga private institute, the Government Bilingual High School Mimboman and Victory Educational Centre, classes effectively began some minutes after 8:00am.

Class three pupils at Victory Educational Centre taking lessons

Upon arrival, school Administrators checked students’  bags, to identify those who didn’t respect school rules.

Many students at the Zang Mebenga private institute were sent home for having the wrong hair do .

Students undo wrong hair do in front of school premises

Mr. Noah Leka Alain , Principal of the school cautioned that administration will keep a close eye on discipline during this short and decisive term.

” Classes will be on for just two or three weeks before the exam season sets it. Holiday is now over, and students must resume serious studies. Our wish is to accompany all our students especially those in examination classes till they begin end -of-course exams. If we must achieve this, students have to be disciplined, hardworking and obedient throughout this term”. Mr. Noah Leka Alain

Authorities in most schools state  95-100% of the academic year syllabus was covered during the first two terms,   but the third term is very short and most determinant reason why laxity will not be tolerated.

Administrators affirm that the syllabus will be completed early enough to enable students still lagging behind to catch up.

Kathy Neba Sina

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