Cholera: The epidemic raises its ugly head in the North Region

The alarm bell has been sounded by the North Regional Delegate for Public Health.

Factors that provoke the present resurgence have not yet been clearly traced but the dry season accompanied by extreme heat are generally accompanying factors.

Three niches have been identified in the region since 27th March 2019 when the first cases were documented. Some 19 suspected cases have been registered and two deaths reported.

The figures are troubling enough for the Regional Delegate to put the medical staff and population on high alert.

A number of preventive measures are being put in place to contain the spread.

– Treatment kits made available in District Hospitals

– All areas where suspected cases are reported systematically disinfected

But the Delegate is emphatic, these measures can never be enough except
the population collaborates.

The respect of strict hygienic rules and urgent consultation of suspected cases are of the essence.

2018 Cholera outbreak in Cameroon

According to the Ministry of Public Health’s report on cholera in Cameroon;

– Four of ten regions were affected

– A total of 82 cases were reported during the cholera epidemic

The North Region alone registered 69 cases from which 40 people died

– The Far North followed with 17 cholera-related deaths. The Centre and Littoral regions were also affected with less ear-pulling figures.

From the report, it is evident that the North region is the most vulnerable to cholera. Little wonder the Regional Delegate sounds the alarm bell early enough.

Pamela Bidjocka

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