EU Parliament accuses: Government clarifies

The government of Cameroon opposes European Union Parliament’s resolution of 18th April 2018 concerning Cameroon.

The Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi in a press briefing in Yaounde on Monday, 22nd April 2019 reacted to the European Union Parliament’s resolution.

He expressed government’s indignation at this biased and unfounded allegation accompanied by blackmail.

He stated that Cameroon is a sovereign state governed by the rule of law.

The Minister reacted to EU Parliament’s claims on the socio-political situation in two english-speaking regions.

He underscored the fact that French and English are two official languages of equal value with the population of all regions going along very well throughout the national territory.

The demands of Teachers and Lawyers from the North West and South West regions raised at the beginning of the crisis have been yielded to by government.

He discussed a number of measures taken by the President of the Republic to consolidate national unity and to uphold the spirit of living together that accompanies the ongoing decentralization process.

The Minister categorically refutes accusations of human rights abuses on civilians. He insisted that defence and security forces have been very committed, brave and professional in carrying out their missions.

Government also reaffirms its commitment to freedom of expression in any form but the Minister noted that public manifestations are governed by the law.

Elvis Teke

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