FESTAC 2019: The Nigerians uphold the spirit of oneness with Cameroon

The Nigerian community has put up a spectacular cultural display on Day four of the ongoing FESTAC in Limbe. 

On  this Day, the Nigerian Community and the Fang Beti groups took their turn to entertain the public.

Limbe Cultural Youth group performing

In songs, dance and ritual performances, the different communities exhibited their culture, traditional beliefs and other practices.


In one of its performances the Nigerian women and children thrilled the crowd with unique aspects of their culture.


The Ondo state cultural dance group dressed in green  loin cloths over white T-shirts performed the “Gbuna-Loriwo ” , a mystical dance performed with a pot of  fire on the head of one member of the  group to honour a happy king.

The Ondo dance group performing “Gbuna-Loriwo”

Another amazing performance was the   “Iwa-ji” dance also known as the new yam festival dance done by a Young Cultural group.

Limbe Cultural Youth group performing “Iwa-ji”

The dance is usually staged by the Igbos to mark the end of the yam harvest season.


The Fang Beti brought in four dance groups that performed  different genres of music such  ;

” Merenge”,

# Akomo MBA ”

# Mikeng Mi Mbong”

” Akumbamba”


Otitie dance group performing “Merenge”

The Fang-Beti dancers were fewer but their energetic dance steps accompanied by familiar musical tunes kept many on their feet.

Mendjang dance group performing “Akomo Mba”

Most of their dances took the guests back memory lane when warriors were venerated. Other performances were reminiscent of the harvest  season and important ceremonies.


Kathy Neba Sina

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