Festicoffee 2019: PA3C , the project that regulates  trade in cocoa and coffee 

As part of measures  to assist farmers, regulate sales and control quality, government came up  a project called “Assainissement de la Commercialisation internal du Cacao et du Café”.

The project championed by the Ministry of Trade , primarily seeks  to improve revenue and the living standards of coffee and cocoa producers in Cameroon.

Other subsidiary objectives are; 

# providing storage facilities for production basins to preserve the quality.

# a systematic monitoring of the  production process

#creating  regular seasonal markets  

#Promoting group sales 

#training and sensitization producers

PA3C’S exibition stand at Festicoffee

Through the PA3C project, the Ministry of Trade sought to restore order in the sector.

Since the inception of the project, producers from the eight cocoa and coffee regions have benefited from the project.

Twenty-one warehouses have also been constructed.

The PA3C  project presently in its second  phase, is financed  by the Development Fund for the Coffee and Cocoa sectors FODECC to the tune of  three billion CFA frs.

The first phase was carried out between the years 2008-2014 , while the second phase, that began in 2016 ends 2021.

Kathy Neba Sina

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