FIFA Women’s Trophy comes to Cameroon

The FIFA’s Women World Cup trophy arrives Yaounde this Monday 8th April 2019 as part of the  two-month tour of the six continents in the world.

The trophy will tour the city of Yaounde on Tuesday 9th April 2019 as a way to announce the upcoming 2019 World Cup in France.

Yaounde is one of the three priviledged cities in the African continent to receive the precious FIFA Women’s jewel.

The town of Yaounde is the second of the three cities in Africa to receive the  trophy. The trophy comes to Yaounde After a 2-day stopover in Durban, South Africa.
From Yaounde , the next stop will be in Lagos,  Nigeria.

Before coming to Africa, the trophy left the French City of Paris, Where the opening game of the 2019 FIFA Women’s world cup will be fielded. The first stop was at Montego Bay in Jamaica on the 3rd March 2019.

The trophy will spend two days each in the capital cities aorund the world. The last stop will be in Toronto on 30th April 2019.

The trophy will return to France on 2nd of May ahead of the 24-Nations World Cup to be organised from the 7th of June to July 7.

Some of the top cities to have a feel of the trophies are Madrid, Oslo, Miami, Santiago, London, Edinburgh, San Francisco amongst many others.

Gaelle Enganamouit to join the FIFA delegation with the trophy

Cameroonian international footballer, Gaelle Enganamouit will be part of the FIFA delegation to accompany the trophy to Yaounde.

She will join the Yaounde city dwellers to parade the streets with the trophy on Tuesday 9th April 2019.

Enganamouit happens to be the ideal lady in her generation to perform this role for FIFA.

She is the only player of her generation that has won the African Women’s player of the year and the only player in Cameroon Football history to have scored a hatrick at at a World cup tournament.

The FIFA Women’s trophy

The 4.6kg, 47 cm trophy was designed by William Sawaya and hand-crafted by Milanese specialists Sawaya & Moroni in 1998 in time for the 1999 tournament.

Material: bronze, gold-plated; polished aluminium; Verde Candeias Granite

The Official Trophy includes a plate at the base bearing the engraved year and name of each FIFA Women’s World Cup champion.

The gold-plate has the the form of a spiral band, enclosing a football at the top, that aims to capture the athleticism, dynamism and elegance of international women’s football.

In the 2010s, it was fitted with a cone-shaped base. The Official Trophy is nearly 18 inches tall and is made of sterling silver clad in 23-karat yellow and white gold, with an estimated value in 2015 of approximately $30,000.

However, a new trophy is constructed for each women’s champion to take home, while there is only one original men’s trophy.

Cameroon, Nigeria and debutants South Africa are the three ambassadors to represent Africa at the 2019 World Cup in France.

Benly Anchunda

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