Highway Security: Far North region witnesses upsurge in road accidents

The number of road accidents in the Far North region of Cameroon is on the rise.

Over ten accidents have been reported within one month.

Saidou a commercial bike rider says it was devastating to witness two accidents within a week that took away two lives.

“A truck carrying sand was coming from the SDO’s office and a bike tried overtaking it, unfortunately the bike fell and the truck crushed a child who fell from it. On Sunday a car lost control and hit a 55year old woman and she died on the spot.”

Some road users blame the recurrent road accidents on commercial bike riders and truck drivers that run on high speed in the town.

They say most of them do not master the Highway Code.

Other Road users think that the absence of traffic light and poor roads add up to the causes of frequent road insecurities in Maroua.

Authorities in Maroua have cautioned road users to be prudent as they ply the highways especially with the start of the new school year.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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