National Assembly: MPs scrutinise government action

Just as it was in the beginning, so it was at the end, the key speeches called for solutions to bring lasting peace in the North West and South West regions.

During the opening plenary chaired by the eldest member, Honourable Enoh Tanjong, he saluted measures put in place to seek a return to calm and serenity in the two English speaking regions but hinted that more can still be done.

The Speaker of the National Assembly made allusion to the positive feedback from the National Committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration.

The speaker also castigated criticisms from some multilateral partners and urged them to be understanding, objective and exercise solidarity.

The march session which is the first for the year also feature the reelection of the bureau of the National Assembly.

Eight bills were scrutinized in committee and plenary sessions before adoption. They are now pending enactment by the Head of State.

During the session, Government Ministers gave clarification on their activities during oral question sessions. The Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute also presented governments program to the people’s representatives.

Extra Parliamentary Activities

Members of Parliament took part in the 6th edition of the Caravan for the promotion of Agro pastoral activities and Entrepreneurship among youths.

During the event the speaker pledged to fund the Sahel Solar Pomp project worth 4 million CFA Francs at the University of Ngaoundere.

The session was also marked by the signing of a convention between the Morocco – Africa parliamentary association to foster cooperation with the Yaoundé Parliamentary Institute.

MP were also called upon to mobilise their constituents to register on electoral lists in view of upcoming elections.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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