National Assembly : The ground breaking bill on decentralization adopted

The bill to modify the electoral code and to fix the numbers and categories of regional councillors in Cameroon has been adopted.

If promulgated, the January 1996 constitution will at last be implemented.

The Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, George Elanga Obam described the bill as a milestone in the decentralisation process.

He stressed that the underlying force of the bill is to have a peaceful solution to the social and political situation in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

What will change

Henceforth,  regional councillors will be elected in Cameroon.

Each division will be represented by at least one regional councillor.

Every region will itself have 90 councillors;
– 70 delegates from the divisions
– 20 traditional authorities.

The list of traditional authorities will be led by the traditional ruler of the highest grade.

The 90 regional councils was adopted to ensure equality amongst regions.

Each division forms a constituency but the President of the Republic can create special constituencies.

Regarding controversy over the possible organisation of regional before council elections and the legitimacy of municipal councillors to sit to vote regional councillors owing to the fact that their mandate was prorogated, the Minister of Decentralisation said it’s a non issue as no one knows when the elections will take place.

He however indicated that the current councillors are as legitimate as the MPs who just voted the law
as prorogation confers all the necessary legitimacy on the beneficiary.

*Regional councillors within the new dispensation*

Regional councillors elect a President of the Regional Council with executive power.

Regional councillors work for the social and economic development of the region.
They meet in sessions to discuss on the welfare of the region.

A budget covers their sitting fee and transportation.

They are elected by municipal councillors.

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