National emblems: Government launches national campaign to rekindle spirit of patriotism

The Minister of Youth Affairs, Mounouna Foutsou has called on young Cameroonians to respect and protect national symbols and emblems.


He made the appeal this Wednesday 17th April 2019 during the launch of the first phase of the National Campaign for the revaluation of emblems and symbols.

The launch was marked by the symbolic hoisting of the national flag at the Government Primary School Etoug- Ebe and the court yard of the Yaounde VI Council.

The first phase of the nationwide campaign has been dubbed “The Flag”.

Reacting to the slogan,  the Minister affirms that the flag is the most important  symbol of a nation.

The MINJEC boss argued  that the campaign launched this day will ;

-Revive patriotic spirit in young Cameroonians.

-Rekindle the respect of national emblems and symbols.

-Highlight the importance of national symbols and emblems in the life of a country.

The solemn ceremony ended with the handing over of ten flags to ten regional representatives of the National Youth Council.

The programe is part of government’s plan to intensify the national campaign on civic education and national integration.

The campaign to valorise national emblems and symbols was introduced  two years ago under the patronage of the Prime Minister.

Benly Anchunda

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