Protecting Cyberspace: ANTIC partners with the Commonwealth

The National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, ANTIC and the Commonwealth have undertaken to work in synergy to secure Cameroon’s cyberspace


This is within the framework of a three day workshop organised in Yaounde.

Experts posit that the multifaceted nature of the information and communication technologies, ICTs, have transformed all sectors of human activity.

Many time-saving activities like e-businesses, e-banking and e-learning have improved on the lifestyle of the people.
However, unscrupulous persons have also gained possession of the available opportunities for selfish gains rendering the global inter-relationships vulnerable and threatened.

Workshop participants are proceeding with an assessment of the national cyber risks in Cameroon, risks that have an impact on the global cyberspace.

Opening the workshop, the Director General of ANTIC, Professor Ebot Ebot Enaw described the growing cyber menace as a “scourge that spares no state”

Professor Ebot Ebot Enaw warned that the exponential use of the internet, if left unchecked, will jeopardise security and affect the lifestyle of the people.

To emphasize on the severity and the hazardous nature of cyber threats, the ANTIC’s Director General zoomed-in on five common cybercrimes perpetrated in Cameroon;

-Internet Scamming, the most common cybercrime conducted via the internet.
(1400 cases investigated)

-Phishing, usurping a Facebook or website account with the intentions of blackmailing or cheating.
(2000 cases investigated)
More frequently in cases of mobile money transactions.

-Identity theft: The creation of fake accounts on social media for purposes of blackmail or extort money.
(1500 cases reported )

-Web Defacement. The fraudulent change of a website appearance. Some thirty-two government agencies and ministries in Cameroon are victims.

Skimming: the magnetic cards of the Automatic Teller Machines, ATM are pirated. Local banks are highest victims.

At the end of the workshop, the trainees predominately IT managers from strategic state institutions are being updated with the best strategies to render Cameroon’s cyberspace safe.

ANTIC and her mission

The National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, ANTIC was created on 8th April 2002.
The institution was created to secure Cameroon’s cyberspace from excesses.

The state structure also promotes and monitors government action in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

ANTIC works closely with the Telecommunications Regulatory Board.

Benly Anchunda


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