Rwandan President decries the slow implementation of reforms by International Community

Rwandan President,  Paul Kagame says his country was able to recover, reconcile and rebuild because its citizens addressed these problems together. 

Paul Kagame made these remarks while responding to questions from the national and international press this afternoon as part of activities marking the 25th anniversary of the genocide.

“We concentrated on our problems. We have had friends support..We are the ones to use this kind of support and make progress or waste it” Kagame said.

The Rwandan president was responding to the question on countries finding it hard to recover from crisis like Rwanda did, 25 years after the genocide.

He added that citizens must come together to resolve their problems. He acknowledged support from partners and friends but added that factors such as reconciliation, admission of wrong, forgiveness and forging ahead, rather than dwelling on the past, are necessary for growth.

President Kagame also applauded the extradition of perpetrators and reforms by the international community to prevent the occurrence of genocides, but decried the leisurely implementation of these reforms.

Rwanda’s gender sensitive policies have seen women make up 61% of its parliament, the highest rate in the world, and half of its ministers and judges women.

The President said this was a conscious choice as women’s empowerment has a direct link on economic development.
On safeguards for avoiding a reoccurrence of bloodshed and continuity of economic growth, President Paul Kagame pointed out that his country has invested in the health, education and potential of its youth, 60% of whom were born after the genocide.

On its relations with its four neighbours, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rwandan president said the community is in good health and will keep finding diplomatic solutions to its differences.

Moity Uwaifo Akonjang in Kigali, Rwanda

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