SIL  :  50years in Cameroon with a positive balance sheet   


 SIL is an American non-profit  organization which has been working in Cameroon for fifty years.

The golden jubilee of the institution organized in Yaounde on 2nd April 2019 was occasion for stock taking .

Amongst  the many successful projects spearheaded are;

# The translation of the entire  Bible into two Cameroonian Languages.

# Translation of New Testament into 46 Cameroonian languages.

# Consultation, training and logistic support to 63 out of 240 languages in Cameroon.

# Recruitment of a 187-man staff 

Many are agreed that the 50 years in Cameroon have been very fruitful.

SIL has significantly promoted local languages and championed Bible translation.

Shortly after arrival in 1969, SIL signed an agreement with the Ministry of Scientific Research to facilitate linguistic research of languages.

Another agreement to foster linguistic research with the Department of African Languages,( DLAL) of the University of Yaounde l, Universities of Buea and Dschang have registered positive results.

UNESCO  has raised the institution to a consultative body by as a result  of its expertise in multilingual education.

On 28th January in Paris, SIL Cameroon also took part in the the launch of the International Day of the Mother tongue.

The same year, Cameroonian born Dr. Michel Kenmogne was  first African to become Executive Country Director of SIL Cameroon. 

SIL is an America faith-based non-profit making organization created in 1934  to develop minority local languages. 

The organization has more than 4000 linguists and translators in 90 countries working within 1700 language communities.


Kathy Neba Sina

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