Star Building: PM grants audience to Canadian deputy Minister

The Canadian Deputy Minister for Sub Sahara Africa, Lesly Norton has pledged the sum of 6.65 million dollars as humanitarian assistance to Cameroonians expiriencing political crisis.

The pledge was made during an audience with Cameroon’s Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute at the Star building.

During the audience, the state of relations between Cameroon and Canada came under review. Both personalities were agreed that Canada and Cameroon share common interests and visions.

The Canadian Deputy Minister for Sub Sahara Africa Lesley Norton was accompanied to the Star Building by the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Natalie O’Neal.

The Ambassador told pressmen that the visiting Minister was pleased to announce Canada’s 6.65 million Dollars Humanitarian aid to Cameroon.

The aid is destined for the North West and South West regions and to refugees and internally displaced persons in the Far North and East regions of Cameroon.

Discussions between the Prime Minister and the Canadian Deputy Minister centred on issues of common interest.

Special emphasis was laid on the upcoming elections, the decentralisation process bilingualism and trade exchanges.

The Canadian deputy Minister for sub Sahara Africa is third official to visit Cameroon this 2019.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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