2019 League Playoffs: Day-2 in facts and figures

The ongoing playoffs of the Cameroon professional football league one and two are on day-2.

The result of the matches will determine teams to be promoted or relegated to the inferior leagues next season.

Results of the matches fielded on Sunday 19th May 2019 in Yaounde and Limbe were the most shocking registered since the lauched of the competitions on 12th May .

 League One matches

# UMS of Loum 1 – 0 Stade Renard, UMS presently heads league one.

# Defending champions Coton Sport of Garoua played a tiebreaker with Apejes Mfou. Coton is second, four points behind UMS.

# Dragon of Yaounde registered  a 1-0 win over Feutcheu of Bandjoun.

 League: relegation Playoffs

# New Stars of Douala are drowning in relegation. The team fell to Fovu 1-2 and are first from the buttom with 0 points.

# Union of Douala humbled Astre  1-0 in the Littoral derby . A win for Astre will have secured a topmost position on the relegation playoff table .

# PWD and Unisport seperated in goalless encounter in Limbe . Despite the draw, the Bamenda side are top on the table and gradually shifting away from the drop zone.

 League Day-2: Results and standings


Apejes 1-1 Coton

Feutcheu 0-1 Dragon

Renard 0-1 Ums


New star 1-2 Fovu

Astres 0-1 Union

Unisport 0-0 Pwd


1- UMS 6 points

2- Coton 4 points

3- Dragon 3 points

4- Apejes 2 points

5- Renard 1 point

6- Feutcheu 0 point

Relegation Playoff

1- Pwd 4 points

2- Union 3 points (-1 match)

3- Astres 3 points

4- Fovu 3 points

5- Unisport 1 point (-1 match)

6- New star 0 point

League two

Canon of Yaounde recorded a remarkable 3-0 victory over AS Fap of Yaounde.

Leopard of Douala continued a brilliant run to secure a second straight win 1-0 over Renaissance.

The team is one and only  elite two club in the playoffs to have made back to back victories and are currently first on the table.

Bamboutos of Mbouda and Panthere played an all one game.

Relegation Playoffs

Bang Bullet of Nkambe failed secure a win after the pressure from Aigle Royal of Menoua.

YaFoot played a 2-0 game with Dynamo of Yaounde. The encounter between AS Etoi Meki and Lion Blessé ended goaless.

Day-2: Results and standing


Leopard 1-0 Renaissance

Canon 3-0 FAP

Bamboutos 1-1 Panthere


Aigle 2-1 Bang bullet

Lion blessé 0-0 Etoa meki

YAFOOT 2-0 Dynamo

Title Playoffs

1- Leopard 6 points

2- Panthere 4 points

3- Canon 3 points

4- Renaissance 3 points

5- Bamboutos 1 point

6- FAP 0 point

Relegation Playoffs

1- YAFOOT -4 points

2- Aigle- 4 points

3- Lion blessé – 2 points

4- Etoa Meki – 2 points

5- Bang Bullet – 1 point

6- Dynamo – 1 point

The Top playoffs: consist of the top 3 teams from pool A, and the 3 top in pool B.

Each of the six teams in this category, will play five matches and the team with the highest number of points will emerge champions of the league one

The Bottom or Relegation playoffs: the  3 teams that finished bottom in pool A and B. The 3 teams with the lowest points will be relegated at end of the playoffs.

The top playoffs for both leagues are played in Yaounde while the relegation playoffs are fielded in Limbe.


Benly Anchunda

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