47th National Day Celebration: 16000 Students and party supporters marched pass.

The crowd jumped in to hysteria when a Young fighter who is barely 5 years old led his comrades.

The Young Cameroonian Youths of the Fire Brigade were taking part in the National Day celebration for the first time.

Players of the Under 17 National Football team, U-17 Indomitable Lions who recently won the African Cup of Nations also marched pass for the first time in front of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

Beneficiaries of the three year special youth plan also took part in 20th May celebration for the first time.

Some 14 primary schools marched alongside 28 school guides and 21 supervisors.

Schools and colleges that took part in the march pass sang patriotic songs and waved placards bearing messages of peace, living together and youth entrepreneurship.

In all, 14 primary schools took part while a total 16 secondary schools marched alongside15 school guides and 21 supervisors at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaounde.

12 Institutions of Higher learning marched with 12 guides and 15 supervisors.

Political parties marched along with 58 guides of political parties and 24 supervisors at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaounde.

The CPDM political party led by its deputy its deputy Secretary General marched with an unending trail of supporters carrying the effigy of the Head of State.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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