Army and the Nation: A Day at Man’o War bay BIR military Base

The Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), is one of the elite forces of Cameroon’s Army.

The BIR has been very active in fight against pirates within the gulf of Guinea and has also been an active player, embedded in the Multinational Joint Task Force, in neutralising Boko Haram in the Far North Region and protecting Cameroon’s territorial sovereignty.

A rallying song signals day break in the Centre, one of the biggest in Cameroon.

The songs are chanted by young recruits, transiting from civilian life to a life of discipline and commitment of the military.

The young recruits at the base learn war tactics but also receive specialised courses like International Humanitarian Law, Human rights and Patriotism.

The training incorporates a 50 kilometres commando match.

Only recruits who complete the match are finally admitted into the force.

As the youths train, a standby medical team is on hand to attend to any accidents or illnesses.

Other values including the spirit  of peaceful coexistence and love for country are some of the virtues upheld in the centre.


Man’Owar Bay: A centre with a difference


The base is surrounded by mountains with an opening to the sea, a strategic position for the training of elite commandoes.

Man’owar bay is a multipurpose military complex comprising the anti terrorist centre, the Training Centre and the logistic base.

Situated on the outskirts of the Limbe, the base provides logistics and tactical support to all BIR nationwide.

The Centre also hosts the Central BIR Garage where  military vehicles and armoured car are either repaired  or transformed according  to the specific need of the force.

It is a fourth category garage also carries out field operations.

The military complex which is home to over a thousand soldiers is self sustaining in  food and water just like every modern military base.

Within the Base are services incharge of bottling water, there is a bakery and a kitchen.

Not only persons in uniform,  civilians are also employed in the Centre in Man’owar Bay.

The Anti Terrorist Centre within, is also amongst the oldest structures to exist at Man’owar bay.

The centre coordinates the activities of the BIR anti terrorist commandoes deployed nationwide.

Man’o war bay also host the command post of BIR coast Guards whose principal missions is to protect Cameroon’s territorial waters.

The GIRAM is another specialised units of the Rapid Intervention Battalion located within the premises of the Man’o war bay MIR base. It is the unit charged with the management of BIR helicopters.

Man’o war bay stands out as a Cameroon in miniature as Cameroonians of all backgrounds work in synergy to defend national interest.

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