Cameroon History : A documented research work that tell the history of Cameroon with undisputed facts

“Cameroon 1884 – Present (2018): The History of a People” is a comprehensive history of Cameroon from the period of colonisation and the establishment of a German protectorate, to the 2018 Presidential elections and the resurfacing of the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

The revised edition and updated history book authored by one of Cameroon’s finest historians, Professor Victor Julius Ngoh delves on the political, economic and social evolution of a people (Cameroon).

The book

The 465 page historical piece is published in eleven chapters.

The revised history book zooms on the peopling of Cameroon some 134 years ago before the arrival of the Portuguese and later German annexation of Cameroon.

Every chapter evokes a major topic for discussion in facts and figures.

The lofty research work highlights issues that elaborately define Cameroon and its origin, the pre-colonial era, the colonial and the post colonial periods.

In brief, the documented history book reviews the following topics in details;

– Migration and settlement in Cameroon
– The arrival of the Portuguese and the naming of Cameroon “Rio dos Cameroes” (River of prawns)
-The establistment of the German Protectorate, colonisation and annexation in  1884.
– The partition of Cameroon to France and Britain
– Cameroon as a mandated territory of the UN.
– The 1961 Plebiscite
– The Southern Cameroon’s search for a third option
– The 1972 Referendum and the creation of a Unitary State
-The Bamenda Congress and the creation of the CPDM
-The introduction of Multipartism in Cameroon from 1990s-2018
-1992-2018; an indepth on the elections in Cameroon
-The 1996 Constitution
– Biya’s government and policies
– The present Anglophone crisis
– The failed All Anglophone Conference of Christain Cardinal Tumi etc.

The two new chapters, 10 and 11 , elaborately explains the Anglophone crisis and the root causes of the ongoing socio-political war in the one time peaceful North West and South West Regions.

The book is written in English and translated into French. The Voluminous document preserved in archival form is sold at FCFA 15.000 a copy.


One of the book reviewers, Professor Richard Talla from the University of Bamenda describes the book as well documented art with unquestionable facts.

He adds that the simplicity of the English language makes the book disgestable and a reference in history.

The Governor of the Centre Region, Nasri Paul Bea thinks the book is a log book for young Cameroonians and historians.

The Members of government, Senators, MPs, Professors, Academicians, students and invited guest used the book launching ceremony to appreciate the writer for his relentless efforts in uncovering the history of Cameroon.

About the author

Professor Victor Julius Ngoh is a Professor of History in the University of Yaounde I.

He is a holder of  Ph.D in history from the University of Washington, Seatle.

The celebrated Professor obtained a BA in 1976 in the University of Yaounde I and later a MA in history from Portland State  University of Portland, Oregon.

He is author to several history books and journals.

The Cameroonian has taught in the Universities of Buea, Yaounde I,  Bamenda and is a visiting lectuter at the Pan African University Institute in Yaounde.

The senior Fulbright Scholar is brother to the late superstar sports commentator,  Zachary Nkwo.

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